I have been known for most of my career as a singer, storyteller, and folk-theologian that resourced congregations in worship and in concert primarily on Sundays. During the last 20 years, I went from being a spectator to a card-carrying member of the senior adult demographic and I began to do some events specifically for the senior "saints and sages" of the church. 

    A new format emerged from an event I did last summer in Mississippi. Senior Adult Vacation Bible School. Yes, that’s what I said. Senior Adult VBS. Parkway Heights United in Hattiesburg, MS is a medium/large congregation with a sizable group of older adults. They planned a four day series and invited me to keynote their time together. To my knowledge no one had ever tried a Senior VBS, at least it was new to me. And this one was a great success. I returned to Hattiesburg again for a second VBS event as well as leading VBS events at four other churches. Would this be something that would connect with and serve your church and senior community?

    The event schedule begins on Sunday in worship and in concert. My leadership in the Sunday morning services and afternoon concert, while not a part of the main vacation Bible school series, is important in introducing me and my style of music and storytelling to the people. It also helps get folks excited about the Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday sessions, boosting attendance and motivating members to invite others to come. The Sunday afternoon concert (I suggest a 4:00 time) is a church wide event, giving members of all ages a chance to hear me since the Mon-Wed VBS event is only for the senior saints.

    The Bible School itself is held Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning beginning at 10:00 with gathering and social time and then the content session from 10:30 to noon. Each session of Biblical storytelling and teaching, music and worship ends at 12 followed by a potluck or catered meal. The last session on Wednesday concludes with communion done in a teaching/story style. At the Parkway Heights event, about 100 seniors attended each day. Other events in 2016 ranged in size from 60 to 120.

   If you would like all the details of my coming to lead a Senior VBS experience at your church,

please go to the VBS Design Worksheet.

Available 2018 Dates

   Jun 17-20

   July 29-Aug 1

   Aug 5-8

   Aug 26-29

   Sept 9-12

   Sept 16-19

   Sept 23-26



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