These retreats can be adapted to a variety of formats. For instance, "Mary In A Martha's World" has been done as a Friday evening through Sunday morning weekend, a one night retreat, an all day seminar, and as a three hour workshop. However the most effective retreat experience is to go to a setting away from home and church for a two night experience. This allows the participants time away from the distractions of life where they can more fully digest and reflect on the material and have more time to connect and share with others.
    Weekend Format - Friday night through Sunday morning - $1600.00
    Overnight Format - Evening/Morning - $1000.00

Plus Expenses:
    Auto mileage or plane ticket (plus $50)
    Lodging & Meals

"Mary In A Martha's World"
-- Finding Peace In A World That Wants All Of Me
   Have you ever felt like there wasn't enough of you to go around? Have you found that juggling all the roles you have to play in life has become more than a full time job? Based on the Bible stories of Jesus and his friends Mary and Martha, this retreat will give participants new insights, helping them to focus on the things that truly matter in life with the goal of maintaining a spiritual perspective and balance amidst "real world" demands.
 "In Pursuit Of The Master"
-- Women Who Encounterd Jesus
   This retreat explores in depth the stories of five "nameless" women whose encounters with Jesus changed them forever. Engaging these stories in a new way will help participants to discover how each of these women were empowered and how their experiences can become an important part of our own journey of faith.
 "God, I've Got To Talk To Somebody"
-- Finding The Keys To An Effective Prayer Discipline
   Participants will study and explore prayer and how it impacts their lives. There will be time for reflection and practical application of a variety of approaches to prayer as well as a look at the barriers to a vital prayer life.
"Waiting For God"
-- Exploring Advent And The Path To Preparation And Patience
   This retreat was designed to be used at the beginning of the Advent season but it can be adapted to other seasons of life and the church year. It focuses on how to live a life of patient expectation and how we can be better prepared to find and welcome God's constant coming into the world.
"Restoring Your Soul"
   Life comes at you fast. Taking the time and seeking the help you need to keep your head and heart spiritually healthy, is not just an option. It is a necessity. This retreat makes and takes the time to acknowledge the woundedness and stresses of life and encourages participants to seek honesty, self-awarness and paths to healing.
"For Such A Time As This"
   This retreat is based on the Old Testament story of Esther and how her choice to follow the command of her cousin Mordecai empowered her to save her people while risking her own life. Participants will explore how this story can be related and applied to the specific times and places of their lives in order to discover how to better impact their world.
Workshops By Kathleen
   I lead a variety of different workshops and in most cases, can adapt what I have to your program needs. I have served local churches for 25 years in youth ministry and have led workshops in this field at local district and well as conference, jurisdictional and national events. Having served the past 9 years as a Director of the Masters of Arts in Christian Education, I have expertise in educational and career paths in the UM church as well as experience training adult workers with youth. Among the workshop titles I lead for:
Sr High Youth
   "Keys to Vocational Discernment"
      Do you want to be successful or significant? Explore the difference between discovering what God may be calling you to do (vocation) versus choosing a "successful" career path defined by your peers and culture.
   "Assume Brilliance!"
      Explore ten inner qualities of an intentional Christian
   "Setting The Bar -- Strategies For Successful Goal Setting"
     This workshop focuses on time management from the aspect of balance and how the natural rhythms of life have been replaced with fast paced busyness. Participants will be given an opportunity to set goals in four areas -- physical, spiritual, social and intellectual, as well as recognize what obstacles must be overcome in order to achieve these goals.
   "Can You Relate?"
      Strategies for Sunday School teachers and youth leaders that work with youth. Good for new or beginning youth workers.
   "Order In The Garden"
     Using Gordon MacDonald's book, "Ordering Your Private World", this workshop will struggle with how we find balance between personal growth and service to others? Are we driven or are we called? How is the garden of our private world being tended? These questions will help participants embrace the importance of tending to their own spiritual needs and balance them with the needs of the youth they serve.
     "Obstacles That Keep Me From Loving As I Must"
This workshop looks at six common barriers that keep us from loving the way God has intended. Every person struggles with at least two!
     "What Is A Calling?"
Explore the paths and options available in church vocations including certification, lay ministry, deaconess and ordained ministry.
Contact Information
Kathleen H. Kilbourne
6005 N Beach Rd, Unit #14
Englewood, GL
Cell (803) 367-8933
Pfeiffer/Wesley Center For Deacon Education
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   Kathleen Kilbourne has been designing and leading women's retreats for over 15 years. Her experience as a minister and an educator in the church have given her abilities much sought after by those who desire professionalism and effectiveness in presentation and content. She is widely known as a woman of passionate Christian faith and experience who leads and teaches from her heart.
  Kathleen is a native of Orlando, Florida. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Christian Education from Pfeiffer University and her Masters Degree from Appalachian State University, she served in churches for 20 years as an educator with a primary focus in youth ministry and adult and family life. She is an ordained deacon of the United Methodist Church and recently retired as the Director of the Master of Arts in Practical Theology degree program for Pfeiffer University on their Charlotte campus in Charlotte, North Carolina. She continues to serve as the Director of the Center For Deacon Education, a ground-breaking partnership between Pfeiffer's Department of Religion, Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC.
   Kathleen is married to nationally known singer/storyteller and folk-theologian, Ed Kilbourne. They have three daughters and six grandchildren. Kathleen and Ed make their home in Englewood, Florida.

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