I have been known for most of my career as a singer, storyteller, and folk-theologian that resourced congregations in worship and in concert, primarily on Sunday mornings and afternoons. During the last 20 years, I went from being a spectator to a card-carrying member of the senior adult demographic and I began to do events specifically for the adult and older adult "saints and sages" of the church. 

   A new format emerged from an event I did in 2015 in Mississippi. Senior Adult Vacation Bible School. Yes, that’s what I said. Adult VBS. Parkway Heights United in Hattiesburg, MS is a medium/large congregation with a sizable group of older adults. They planned a three day series and invited me to keynote their time together. To my knowledge no one had ever put on an adult VBS. I have since learned that while it is not a new idea, the format was unique. And this event was a great success. So much so that I returned to Hattiesburg the next year for a second VBS event as well as leading VBS events at four other churches the next year. In 2017 I did 10 and in 2018, 15 are on the calendar. So recently, I decided to make leading these events my life's work.

   This is an event designed for senior adults. It was first called Senior Adult Vacation Bible School but as churches promoted it in their congregations, they suggested that it might be better attended if it was titled Adult Vacation Bible School. So while the title changed, the target demographic has not. It is a weekday daytime event so those that attend have to have non-working, discretionary time available. 

   The format schedule begins with a Sunday in worship and in concert. My leadership in the Sunday morning services and afternoon concert, while not a part of the Vacation Bible School itself, is important in introducing me and my music and storytelling to the church community. It also gets folks interested and excited about the Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday sessions, encouraging attendance and motivating members to invite others to come. The Sunday afternoon concert ("It's Four O'Clock Somewhere") is a church wide event, giving members of all ages a chance to attend since the Mon-Wed VBS is an adult event.

   The Bible School itself is held Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings beginning at 9:30 with gathering and social time and then the Bible School sessions from 10:00 to noon (with a short break). Each session of storytelling, music, humor and worship ends at 12 followed by a potluck or catered meal. At the Parkway Heights event, about 80 adults, mostly seniors, attended each day. Events in 2016 and 2017 ranged in size from 60 to 120.

   For a step-by-step guide of what it takes to put on an Adult VBS go to the VBS Design Worksheet. To see available dates and costs, go to Book Me.

   Here's a partial list of churches who have hosted the Adult VBS Series -

     Hattiesburg, MS ~ Parkway Heights UM Church

     Hattiesburg, MS ~ Main Street UM Church

     Wake Forest, NC ~ Wake Forest UM Church

     Pineville, NC ~ Pineville UM Church

     Monroe, LA ~ St Paul's UM Church

     Hattiesburg, MS ~ Main Street UM Church

     St Simons Island ~ Epworth-By-The-Sea UM Conference Center

     Anderson, SC ~ Trinity UM Church

     Winston-Salem, NC ~ Pine Grove UM Church

     Monroe, LA ~ First UM Church

     Coraopolis, PA ~ Coraopolis UM Church

     N Augusta, SC ~ Grace UM Church

     Mooresville, NC ~ Williamson's Chapel UM Church

     Wake Forest, NC ~ Wake Forest UM Church

     Murrells Inlet, SC ~ Belin UM Church

     Camden, SC ~ Lyttleton UM Church

     Little River, SC ~ Little River UM Church



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